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A Breeze to Clean

A Glass splashback offers a unique advantage over tiles by having no grout lines that attract dirt and oil from cooking.


The splashback is made to measure and fitted in a large seamless piece, making cleaning a breeze!

Safe and Beautiful

The process involved in the cutting and toughening of a glass splashback makes it perfect for safety and heat resistance.

Available in any colour you can imagine, a Glass Splashback can be the final touch of class that sets your kitchen apart.

Bright and Open

A Mirrored Splashback is a popular choice and visually expands the kitchen space.

This type of splashback can add light to small kitchens and spaces by bouncing light and reflection around the room.

Modern and Stylish

Mirror splashbacks are toughed in the same way as glass splashbacks which make them perfect for safety and heat resistance.

They are also available in a smokey tint which makes it much more appealing in modern kitchens.

Personalise your Space

Using Tiles for your Splashback give you the opportunity to add extra personality to your kitchen.

There is an endless choice for tiles with different Sizes, Colours and Textures available.


Tiles are still the most common choice in kitchen splashbacks.


Tiles are chemical and stain-resistant. They are also very hard-wearing compared to other materials.

Easy to clean and maintain they can also be inexpensive when compared to other splashback materials.

Work of Art

A stone splashback can be a more expensive option but it really gives your choice of stone a chance to shine.

The beautiful veining or colouring can get lost when on the benchtop but when installed vertically, they become a personalised work of art.

Safe and Beautiful

Man-made stone replicates natural stone and is an excellent choice for looks and practicality.


It is infinitely less maintenance and has a much higher stain resistance than natural stones like marble.

STONE SPLASH BACK - Smart Stone Calacatta Blanco
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